Come on, let's have a look at what's going on in the ad world... We want to share with you some commercials, news and design applications which have caught our attention. Enjoy!
The project by Megafon that was awarded the 2014 Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix selfies taken by visitors at the Sochi Olympics have been transformed into giant 3-D projections.
An ad is sometimes more than an ad. The outdoor ads from IBM's smarter cities campaign are also benches, bike ramps or shelters from rain.
A stella artois classic...
7Up celebrates uniqueness and originality in its new global campaign. The ads feature urban-knitters, with the slogan "It's good to be you."
Nostalgia!... Let’s go to 1998 and give a good example. Simple always sticks.
One of the most talked-about works of 2013.Basically it's a government spot warning commuters to be careful in metro stations. It shows that if done well, a piece of work can go globally viral even if it's on such a topic.
Unit9, for his new vivid zombie game commercial, worked with a Director who is still a student. We think it was a right decision.
This year at Cannes, there was a well thought out, outstanding print ad. As Brazilian Association of Organ Transplant said ‘you can also save seven lives’.
Sainsbury's new Christmas commercial appeals to emotions. When you watch it, something shivers inside. No need to say; sharing is good.