we do
We have our own way of doing our business. We see each brand as a person. We use subconscious building blocks that Gustav Jung has revealed in the human character. In this way, the brands we serve will have a character like the rest of us and the consumers who love these characters will become passionate about these brands.
A few global brands using this methodology:
do you think is
the most
rebellious act
in history
Picking and eating the forbidden fruit has made Adam and Eve the first rebels.
Apple, with its apple amblem and “Think different” slogan is a brand that uses imagery from the rebel archetype. It has added a whole new meaning to the concept of computer. From its early days, it has openly declared war against DOS operating system computers with its taboo-crashing ads.
The rebellious spirit of human nature loved Apple’s attitude.
Do you
this is
Remember the name of the second mate in Moby Dick? Starbuck! How about the figure on the ship? A mermaid with a two tails!
Don’t all of these looks like intentional messages rather than concidences?
We loved
Captain Ahab’s
story of
limitless obsession
it spoke to
the explorer in
all of us.
Starbucks was an idea that completely changed a habit that, until that day, was thought as unbreakable. It broke the mold and brought freedom to the usage of a very old product. It was only natural that it drew the attention of explorer souls.